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Individual and Couples Therapy
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My Specialties

Eating Disorder
Addiction and Recovery
Relationship Issues
Grief and Loss
Life Threatening Illness
Parenting Support
Stress at Work
Life Transitions
Postpartum Depression

My Approach

Making the decision to seek professional help is not easy; we often feel like we should be able to solve problems on our own. We feel like asking for help means something is fundamentally wrong with us, or we are embarrassed someone will find out.

But all of us need help sometimes. Life can be very challenging,and negotiating work, family, and other demands often feels like an endless marathon.

With my knowledge and experience I can help you make meaning out of adversity. My approach is collaborative and I believe that together we can come up with goals and outcomes that will help you achieve balance and equilibrium.

Penny Spector-Shleifer, LCSW

Individual Therapy

The main goal of individual therapy is to be able to better cope with stressors life presents you with , feel more empowered, and lead a healthier , more fulfilling life. By speaking freely and exploring your thoughts, feelings, fears, symptoms, and day to day concerns I can help you develop awareness of current coping mechanisms. With this increased self- awareness we will work together on developing healthier skills and strategies tailored to tackle your unique needs.

During therapy you might experience uncomfortable feeling and thoughts and I will help you develop healthier ways to cope with these emotions. therapy can last few weeks for some and for other it might takes months and years. Therapy sessions are 45 minutes long and longer sessions could be arranged in some cases with appropriate scheduling.

Couples Therapy

The demands of modern life often pose many difficulties on the relationship; experiencing the burden of a stressful job, child or parent rearing, a major loss , or a breach of trust can all result in relationship problems.

The goal of couples therapy is to improve communication between partners, to increase understanding of each persons point of views, beliefs, and personal histories. with my support and guidance I will help you develop better coping mechanisms to deal with conflict resulting from life stressors and in return increase mutual respect, support, and intimacy.

Penny’s positive and energetic attitude is always a welcome addition to the therapeutic environment. She has a remarkable ability to identify the root causes of dysfunctional situations, and she brings a refreshingly creative approach to problem solving.

Daniel Wohlgelernter, M.D.
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