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Individual and Couples Therapy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people seek therapy?

People go to therapy for different reasons. Sometimes therapy is suggested by another professional, close friend, colleague, or family member. Sometimes people decide they need help navigating through a rough time in their lives such as a loss, grief, a big life change, a crisis, depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, deep guilt, or resentment, unresolved childhood trauma, eating disorder, and other addictions. People go to therapy to gain more self-awareness, take action, and improve their lives.

How often will we meet?

From my experience for best progress it is better if we meet once a week on a consistent basis. In some cases more frequent meetings might be necessary. In order for our meetings to be more valuable, it is best if this is a collaborative process; you must be an active and cooperative participant during our sessions.

What can I expect during session?

Sessions are usually 45 minutes long. During sessions we will discuss your most relevant needs and concerns. We will explore your feelings, patterns of behavior, and coping mechanisms. I will offer insight and guidance to assist you in gaining a better understanding of your specific challenges. We will process together and come up with practical and manageable solutions that can lead to the positive changes you strive for.

How long will I need therapy for?

The Length of treatment is determined on a case by case basis and is dependent on the types of treatment goals and objectives. Therapy can be short-term when we are working on resolving a specific acute crisis.

Therapy can also be long term when we are working together to resolve more complex issues that require more ongoing work.

Is therapy confidential?

Generally, the law protects the confidentiality of our communications during therapy sessions. I will only share information with a written consent from you.  However, there are exceptions and I am legally and ethically obligated to ensure client safety, and must inform the appropriate agencies, family or other persons if it appears that you are a danger to yourself or others. In addition as a licensed social worker I am also obligated by law to report suspected child, dependent adult or elder abuse to the appropriate authorities.

Do you take insurance?

At this time, I’m out of network with all insurance plans. I can provide you with a monthly statement to submit to insurance for reimbursement as an out of network provider.

How much do you charge?

Sessions are $140 for 50 minutes and payment is due at the time of service.

Do you accept sliding scale?

I can discuss sliding scale fees on an individual basis if you have financial concerns regarding affording therapy.

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